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Sex in the States: Manners, Morals, and Mores was an international conference organized by the Department of American Literature and Culture, University of Opole, Poland, April 8–9, 2019.




The Department of American Literature and Culture was created in 2017 and is composed of four academics:
prof. Tadeusz Lewandowski, head, American native speaker. Prof. Lewandowski has published and edited several books, among them Red, Red Power: The Life and Legacy of Zitkala-Ša (University of Oklahoma Press, 2016), and Dwight Macdonald on Culture: The Happy Warrior of the Mind, Reconsidered (Peter Lang, 2013). His research interests include American Indians of the Progressive era, and the mass culture critiques of the mid-twentieth century.

Professor Lewandowski is now accepting Ph.D. candidates at the University of Opole. Possible dissertation topics may fall under the following general areas:

The Cold War in Literature and Culture

Mid-century American Intellectuals

American Cinema and Popular Culture

American Indian Literature

American Feminism

Other suggestions for topics are welcome. Interested students, alumni, and other holders of Master’s Degrees are requested to make appointments by e-mail.

prof. Klara Szmańko. Prof. Szmańko specializes in American literature: African American literature, Asian American literature, Anglo-American literature, and Amereican Studies. Her publications include numerous articles and the books Visions of Whiteness in Selected Works of Asian American Literature (McFarland, 2015), and Invisibility in African American and Asian American Literature: A Comparative Study (McFarland, 2008).
dr Sławomir Kuźnicki, scholar, lecturer, poet and literary critic. His work concentrates on dystopian, utopian, and speculative fiction, feminism, and the literary and cultural contexts of rock music. He is the author of numerous articles and the monograph Margaret Atwood’s Dystopian Fiction: Fire Is Being Eaten (Cambridge Scholars, 2017). He is a regular contributor the periodical MIC.
dr Wacław Grzybowski, lecturer on American and English literatures, religious essayist, and translator. Dr. Grzybowski has published two monographs, Consciousness, Beauty and Analogy of Being in the Poetry and Fiction of Thomas MacGreevy (University of Opole Press, 2013), and Metaphor and Spirituality: The Poetics and Poetry of Thomas Merton (University of Opole Press, 2006). His wide range of interests comprise: Modernist literature and culture, Neo-Thomistic philosophy, and theory of literature.

Together, we offer courses on American literature and culture, as well as electives that cover American cinema, music, and history. These courses include:

Culture of the USA

American Literature

Seminar in American Literature

American Music and Musicians

American Decline through Documentary

American Cinema in Historical Context

Rock Studies: music – text – culture

Women in Rock Music




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